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Heya peeps, nerds, geeks, the cool ones, muslims, christians, hindus, Buddhists, atheists and all the other beautiful humans,

How are you my friends? Life's been a perfect magic for you so far or its doing what it usually do to you too? Anyways, So yeah, I was going through this regular site I totally love and there I found this post where let's say you all were having some very sound argument about who exactly is a terrorist. the ball was obviously falling as you might have guessed in the Muslim's court. and lets just say we all were desperately trying to prove you all totally wrong. and it kind of broke my heart to see you all sending *Koran's* verses stating how we really are terrorists. we being weak muslims who just read The Quran and kept it all locked up in a holy place rather than trying to understand what it says were baffled and couldn't retort back. yes I am a very weak muslim and I know you all have been hurt because some imposters in the name of Islam are slaughtering humanity like there is no tomorrow. and I being an idiot who didnt know how to retort atleast knows one thing that WE, MUSLIMS are not killing machines nor a terrorist. yes there are many bad** people amongst us who should be kicked between the shins and then get locked up for the rest of their lives but they are not us. surely there are bad** ones amongst you as well! so just dont go and judge us for what they did because we are not judging you either. i mean i am not judging you guys even though some people amongst you bullied a girl in your grade school like hell just because she was black or lets just say a muslim. I am not judging you at all although some of you have tortured many muslims just because they are muslims and probably a waste of space in your eyes. I dont judge you guys when some of you disrupt the mosques sanctity.  you might be thinking what a lamo. Our people are being killed here and look at this loser rambling around such nonesense. but hey,trust me Muslims all over the world are beimg killed in cold blood. Gaza, Syria, Pakistan , Kashmir, Iraq, Palestine and  I can go on and on. If you dont believe you can search for that really, and before you shove all those Holy Quran 's verses in our face let me tell you one thing, Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) said that killing of one innocent man is like killing of the whole humanity. he never used the word muslims. he said *man* so please ponder upon this. the verses you state I do not know are valid or not but I do know one thing If they are than they must have a background behind it. Quran is like a river of knowledge that has to be deciphered and understood properly. All I want from you all is not to judge Islam and muslims. but to help us fight the terrorism. dont play the blame game. it wont do this world any good. rather you will turn this world into this hateful place that is carcinogenic for your spirit.  Before calling us terrorists, please just google 16th december 2014 Peshawar attack Pakistan, Kashmir problem, Palestine and syria, and all other countries that my memory is evading. and than after reading all that do use just a pinch of common sense. it will become clear to you that our children our parents our beloveds are tortured and killed, surely terrorists are supposed to murder, they dont get** murdered. this is one cold war that we all are facing so lets stand here together. lets not blister each other with more poisonous chat. we have to realize who exactly is our enemy. so my friends keep smiling. dont lose hope in us and in yourselves too!
#prayforParis #prayforSyria #prayforPakistan #prayforKashmir #prayforIraq #prayforGaza #prayforPalestine #PRAYFORTHEWORLD #prayForHUMANITY

yours truely,
A very sad and heart broken muslim


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Shafaq N Qureshi
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Well let's see i am a manga holic, anime crazy , books hungry, blunder proned baka !
Loves to eat and cook hence a total failure when it comes to losing weight. A med student who is usually panicking in exams like hell lot, what more , heehee i believe that craziness is essential for a fulfilling life , random artist loves to sketch anime nature do abstract going to try my hand on acrylic painting soon. And really curious about 3d stuff wonder if i could try that out as well besides that i run a blog of random thoughts . And i guess thats about it and oh yeah! I am a total weirdo who excels at embarrassing herself in every *normal* and *ordinary* situation . Sigh..


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Fallen-sniper666 Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha trust me its not horrid at alll. Its really good. I have never been good with paints and believe e i have tried lol, you sire have immense talent!
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